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Delmaine Trading Company Limited was established in 1980 to take advantage of the untapped potential for high quality European food products. Beginning with olives and sundried tomatoes (common in Europe, but virtually unknown in New Zealand at the time) Delmaines range of unique foods has built up over the last 30 years to now appear in over thirty-five food categories. Delmaine Fine Foods pioneered selling gourmet foods to New Zealanders, and actively promote rich epicurean traditions and inspire healthy kitchen adventures.

Xposure was tasked with updating a dated and unresponsive website to drive social and web engagement with the Delamine brand.  The new website inspires customers with monthly recipes and tips & tricks, aswell as offering the complete Delmaine product range online.  Xposure also produced over 40 original recipe videos that engage the Delmaine target audience on both social and web platforms to drive sales in store.