YouthHub allows young people from any background to showcase their talents, find connections and find employment.




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Youth Hub is an online platform described as “the LinkedIn for youth” where young people can set up profiles to connect with prospective employers, tertiary providers, schools, educators and youth service providers. Their online CV's become their pathway to the professional world beyond school.

YouthHub allows young people to create a Personal Brand by allowing them to record their education to employment journey with images, videos, text and posts. By adding a career wish list, requesting testimonials for soft skills and sharing their interests, they create a dynamic and living CV to be shared with potential employers.  Youth Hub aims to help sculpt a skilled, informed, and engaged workforce while leveling the playing field for all young people across New Zealand.

Xposure partnered with YouthHub to develop the platform and expand it across web, app and recently adding a physical channel by creating the Accelerator Program.  The Accelerator program was jointly developed by The Warehouse, the Ministry of Social Development and YouthHub as a digital environment for young people to access on-the-job workplace training programmes and connect with potential employers.  Xposure exclusively designed all digital, web and brand channels of the Accelerator program, working alongside stakeholders at all three entities to produce the largest public-private partnership of its kind working on social inclusion and youth development in New Zealand.